Rapid Prototype Electronics Design

Our rapid prototyping services enable customers to quickly design and build electronic systems - for development build zero and beyond.

  • Turnkey electronics builds (schematic design, layout, parts procurement, fabrication, assembly, and checkout)
  • Electronics system-level integration
  • Satellite payload electronics design
  • Airborne and spaceborne VPX module design
  • Electrical cable fabrication
  • 3D printing services (enclosures & part protoypes)

We are experts in the development of software and FPGA firmware for resource-constrained embedded systems, including:

  • Embedded software development (flight software, command & data handling, signal processing)
  • FPGA firmware development for sensor interfaces, high-speed data processing, memory-mapped I/O interfaces, SpaceWire/RMAP, etc.
  • Xilinx FPGAs & SoCs (including Versal ACAP, MPSoC, Ultrascale+) and Vivado, Vitis, Vitis AI, & Petalinux IDEs
  • Intel (Altera) FPGAs & SoCs (including Agilex, Stratix) and Quartus IDE
  • Microchip (Microsemi/Actel) FPGAs & SoCs (including RTG4) and Libero IDE
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) hardware-in-the-loop testing
Software & Firmware

Radiation Testing

Our team is experienced in designing electronics for radiation effects testing and operating radiation test facilities:

  • Radiation test fixture electronics design
  • Single event upset (SEU) detection software & firmware
  • Radiation test facility operation & data acquisition

We provide services to assist in the collection, creation, and curation of machine learning datasets, including:

  • Aerial imagery collection
  • Dataset creation (labeling/annotation)
  • Dataset curation and database administration
Imagery & Datasets

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